Traces Magazine (January 2016)

“They breathed life into songs that have been sung for a long time by a lot of people, and you got the feeling they were talking to you when they sang.”


The Sioux Lookout Bulletin (November 2015)

“I really felt completely absorbed by their concert and music,” shared Terry Lynne Jewell. “I left the concert with such good feelings, they were all very accomplished and talented young artists”


South West Booster (October 2015)

The project begins with the hypothesis that it is possible to go beyond simply saying, “That is beautiful,” to asking, “What does the fact of beauty have to do with my everyday life?” It culminates in this concert, in which the Collective will perform music based on images and sounds of the park collected from visitors and residents. The goal of the concert is to show how music can transform what is “just there” into something that we truly see and want to understand.