Longing for the Sea and yet Afraid

Desire “choked by fear” the uncertainty that “what’s true today will be true tomorrow” the need to belong and to encounter someone “who will break through our radical solitude”, is as urgent for us as what we found in the poets and songwriters of our North American heritage.  If these artists are the expression of a people, we quickly saw that it didn’t matter the century, birthplace or circumstance, for the heart to cry out.

Tonight we will watch a group of weary travelers stop for rest and gather. Among us was no attempt to resolve everything for these travelers. They speak and sing the sound of people in our history. In some sense, to give credence to their cry is to give credence to our own. It is exactly this position that has enabled, and enables us still, to scan the horizon, full of curiosity and wonder…


Mad Rush – Philip Glass

Leaves that are Green – Simon and Garfunkel

Northwest Passage – Stan Rogers

Another New World – Josh Ritter

Suzanne – Leonard Cohen

Simple Glass Gifts – Anthony Savidge