Education is a core value of the Shaw Street Collective. Through our educational workshops we seek to inspire a greater sense of musicality, creativity, empathy, and most importantly a sense of wonder about sound. We coordinate with teachers to develop a program that is right for their school environment while incorporating multiple facets of the curriculum.

Workshop Examples

Sound Walk (All Ages)
Exploring our acoustic environment by walking and listening intently, and through the creation of an imaginary soundscape.

Junk Improv (K-8)
Students engage in the creation of music using non-traditional instruments while learning fundamental musical concepts.

Sound & Image (K-8)
Students choose the music to accompany a silent film, and simultaneously learn about our instruments as well as the emotional potential of music.

Free Improv (High School Students)
Students learn about musical improvisation from a universally accessible perspective, and explore it using their own instruments.

And remember! These are only examples – we are happy to customize each workshop for you and your students.


Shaw Street Collective willingly came to our small school and treated us to a first class presentation. The musical group worked with a broad range of ages (Grade 1-9) for three different one hour presentations. The students were fully engaged the entire time with many hands on and age appropriate activities. To keep this broad range of students attentive and captivated for this length of time is not an easy task.

The presentation touched upon many of the learning outcomes within the music strand of the arts ed. curriculum. Students not only enjoyed listening to professional musicians play classical instruments, but also got to make their own musical compositions with homemade and recycled instruments. 

I would highly recommend having this group into your school and would welcome them back into my classroom anytime. Thank-you for providing a wonderful learning opportunity for our students!

~ Susan Legault

Grade 3,4,5 Teacher

Val Marie School