The Shaw Street Collective is a New Classical Ensemble dedicated to the creation of works, the re-imagination of chamber music, and educational outreach.

The ensemble was founded in 2014 by Mikolaj Debowski, Anthony Savidge, and Emma Rowlandson-O’Hara, and as a collective, frequently invites other artists to collaborate and widen the scope of creative possibilities. In the fall of 2015, cellist Alyssa Ramsay joined the Collective as a full time member. Since the combination of trumpet, trombone, percussion, and cello is so unusual, the group’s repertoire consists of original compositions and pieces arranged by its members. The Collective has collaborated with pianists, harpists, videographers, and photographers. Members of the group have performed with acclaimed ensembles such as the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, National Academy Orchestra, the Ceremonial Guard in Ottawa, Regina Symphony and Niagara Symphony.

In September of 2015, the Collective took part in a two-week residency in the Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, (with funding from the Saskatchewan Arts Board and Saskculture) followed by a national tour. Their concerts were met with critical acclaim and described as “absorbing” and “transformative.”

The Collective released their album ‘Grasslands’ in May of 2016 and since then tracks from the album have been played on CIUT Toronto and Shift on CBC Radio 2.